5 Change Management Tips for Pervasive Analytics Success

Trying to deploy a pervasive analytics strategy for your entire organization, or even a department, is not an easy task. That being said, changing the way people work has never been an easy task, imagine cloud computing 15 years ago. Until the average employee can physically see how this new technology can change their live for the better, there is always friction in adoption because of traditional habits. This friction is why organizations need to make sure they have a well thought out change management plan when rolling out analytic solutions. Besides choosing the right technology, a well thought out plan will help guarantee mass adoption and long term success.

After working with organizations across the globe, we have seen this transformation take place first hand. Looking across the successes we have uncovered 5 key change management tips that have helped facilitate efficient organizational shifts.

1. Paint a clear vision

Leadership needs to make sure there is a clear vision in place that everyone can rally around. This vision needs to describe what the ideal end result will look like. This will not only help put meaning behind the team’s work for motivation, but also give employees the ability to be proactive and personally identify opportunities that will help the organization achieve this end goal.

2. Make the decision making process crystal clear

What does the decision making process look like for rolling out analytic solutions? The process of deploying a pervasive analytics strategy cuts across multiple departments that usually have different internal structures. Understanding who has final sign off will ensure that the entire team is on the same page as analytic solutions continue to move from idea to production.

3. Have the right team

Deploying analytics across an enterprise takes a mix of skills. You need to make sure that you have both the technical and business expertise required in order to deploy the right end solution for the end user. If you are lacking one or the other, then it’s important that you find outside help or resources (consultants, trainings, etc.) in order to complement your teams existing skill set.

4. Crawl, walk, run

Visions on their own can often look overwhelming at the start. It is important that you break up the vision into phases so that you can track progress and show early returns. Planning these phases out will also allow you to find commonalities across analytic solutions so that you can reach economies of scale and tackle similar projects at the same time.

5. Be transparent with progress

Executives on the team need to meet regularly in order to track progress and keep projects on track. As multiple projects might be kicked off simultaneously across multiple departments, it is important that everyone learns from each other so mistakes aren’t repeated progress continues to be made.

Use these as a starting point to help you build out your own internal change management processes as you begin deployment of your analytic strategy. But the list doesn’t have to stop here. What are your tips and tricks for navigating the corporate landscape and deploying analytic solutions? Drop them in the comment section below and share them with the world.

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