An Enterprise Data Hub, The Next Gen Platform

Cloudera is proud to host Hired Brains analyst and data systems expert Neil Raden in a series of papers aimed at helping IT professionals understand the opportunities they have to modernize and ultimately optimize their data environments.  Increasingly users are struggling with how to modernize their enterprise data systems amidst the pressures and promises that new technology choices hold.  We continue to see forward thinking users augmenting their data transformation, data processing and analytics capabilities with a centralized data hub strategy.  A data hub architecture solves many complex data integration and data discovery challenges in a single unified solution.  In order to be successful with a data hub strategy it is first helpful to understand the core data hub components.  In order to effectively capture, cleanse, model, analyze, and serve data you must have a solution for Data Engineering (ODS), Data Discovery, and serving Online Data Applications (Operational Analytics).

Neil starts by taking us through the traditional role of an Operational Data Store, from ingestion to ETL contrasting it to popular architectural constructs like the Corporate Information Factory (CIF) and ultimately defining the new role of the ODS in an architecture like an enterprise data hub.  A data hub approach allows for increased opportunity to not only capture new incoming data but also combine and quickly analyze that with historical data housed in the EDH.  This can provide a holistic view of all the companies data instead of limited views of the recent data.  The shift from managing from an era of scarcity to platforms that present incredible opportunities for scale is changing the way we bring data into an organization, analyze it, and serve it to our business partners and customers.

Check back with us in the coming weeks to read about modern approaches to data discovery, iterative modeling, and developing operationally intelligent online applications.

Neil Raden Series Volume #1 An enterprise data hub, the next gen operational data store

Neil Raden

Neil Raden, based in Santa Fe, NM, is an industry analyst and active consultant, widely published author and speaker and the founder of Hired Brains Research LLC, Hired Brains provides research, advisory and consulting services in Analytics, “Big Data,” and Decision Management for clients worldwide. Neil is also the co-author of the Dresner Advisory Services Wisdom of BI series on Advanced and Predictive Analytics.

Neil was a contributing author to one of the first (1995) books on designing data warehouses and he is more recently the co-author of Smart (Enough) Systems: How to Deliver Competitive Advantage by Automating Hidden Decisions, Prentice-Hall. He is a contributor to publications such as Wall Street Week, Forbes, Information Week and ComputerWorld. He welcomes your comments at or at his blog at

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