Big Data Visualization Made Easy: Cloudera Live Offers Zoomdata Trial Access on AWS

This blog was penned by Justin Langseth, the CEO of Zoomdata.

Last year I wrote about Cloudera’s pioneering efforts to simplify the trial process in Big Data. The millions of developers that simply want to test Big Data solutions against large sample datasets don’t want to stand up servers, integrate datasets, and model out trial scenarios.

Cloudera Live took the industry a huge step forward by simplifying free trials of Cloudera Enterprise in the cloud, and gave users the option to easily try software such as Zoomdata.

Now Cloudera has taken a critical next step to simplify trials for Big Data solutions by integrating Cloudera Live with AWS. There are millions of AWS Certified Developers and even more developers using AWS regularly. The sophistication of those developers within Big Data runs the gamut. Some are experimenting for the very first time with the Hadoop ecosystem. Others are further along in their adoption, leveraging leading technologies like Impala, Cloudera Search, Apache HBase, and Apache Spark – and testing new solutions that add value to their data. Cloudera Live on AWS is a great way for anyone on the developer spectrum to try out great Big Data technologies without having to overcome challenges with their internal infrastructure or operations.

We at Zoomdata, working with the Cloudera team, have figured out how to make Big Data simple, useful, and instantly accessible across an organization. Zoomdata provides the fastest visual analytics for the full range of Big Data processing frameworks, including analytic SQL, search, NoSQL and streaming data.  With the Cloudera Live trial, you’ll see how the Zoomdata user experience makes Big Data accessible to the broadest range of users, not just data analysts.

The trial on Cloud Live on AWS [click here to access trial] provides sample historical data to immediately query via Impala, as well as an up-and-running stream of generated real-time data. So users can push a button, wait a few minutes while it spins up, and then access their own private mini-cloud of 4 Cloudera nodes, 3.5TB of disk, and one Zoomdata node–all pre-loaded with data, turned on, and ready to immediately try out dashboards like these:


Cloudera Live provides an excellent tutorial on Impala, Cloudera Search and Spark that I think you’re going to find extremely helpful. And if you want to go directly to the Zoomdata trial to explore the visualizations that are possible on all of this data, go here.


Justin Langseth is the CEO of Zoomdata, provider of the fastest visual analytics for big data. Zoomdata is Justin’s 5th startup–he previously founded, Claraview, Clarabridge, and Augaroo. Justin is an expert in big data, business intelligence, text analytics, sentiment analytics, and real-time data processing. He graduated from MIT with a degree in Management of Information Technology, and holds 14 patents. He is eagerly awaiting the singularity to increase his personal I/O rate which is currently frustratingly pegged at about 300 baud.

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