Delivering Real Value Through Big Data – Teradata and Cloudera Expand Partnership

We are unveiling, today, a major and strategic partnership for Cloudera — an expanded relationship our long-standing technical partner and the enterprise data warehouse leader, Teradata. This important new commercial partnership includes:

              • deep product integration and optimization;
              • a reseller agreement, under which Teradata will deliver Cloudera’s platform to our joint customers; and
              • a services and support arrangement that lets our companies work together closely to make those customers successful in their enterprise big data initiatives.

As a simple business arrangement, this should come as no surprise — customers expect the top vendors they rely on to work together. And, in fact, it’s not a new relationship: We’ve done product integration and testing work with Teradata for years. Cloudera has worked hard since inception to build the biggest and most active partner network that we can, so that we offer the widest variety of solutions to our customers.

In another sense, though, the Teradata announcement is an important sign of the maturation of the market for big data solutions. It signals broader adoption of, and deeper reliance on, Cloudera among our enterprise customers.

Across every major vertical market and around the world, small and large companies are keen to capture, store, process and analyze data that was never available to them before. This is consistent of what we see at Cloudera. Our growth has been driven by this growth in the market. We’re seeing new adoption and new opportunities everywhere.

None of the customers we work with installs our product, by itself, in an empty data center or cloud. Every enterprise customer has mission-critical database and analytic systems running in production, handling mission-critical business applications. As their new big data workloads mature from proof-of-concept to run-the-company, those customers need Cloudera’s enterprise data hub to integrate and collaborate with existing tools and applications.

One of the most common systems we find in place is an enterprise data warehouse. Teradata has thirty-five years of success and leadership in delivering those solutions. Our biggest customers are Teradata’s biggest customers. By working together closely, our two companies have delivered a much more powerful end-to-end system for data ingest, exploration and real-time analysis than either of us has been able to offer before.

That’s great for us because it’s great for our customers.

The product integration is a big deal, of course, but it’s not what makes this relationship so important to Cloudera.

By collaborating with Teradata to offer training, support and services together, we give our enterprise customers worldwide the confidence that they need from us both. It doesn’t matter where, in the combined platform, issues crop up. We’ve got the shared expertise and the business framework in place to address them, quickly, together.

By making Cloudera’s products available through the global Teradata field sales organization, we open a valuable new channel to market for Cloudera. Together, we make life simpler for our joint customers. They’ve built long-standing relationships with the Teradata professionals who have handled their data warehouse needs for many years. They can build on that trust and understanding to extend their systems to attack important new big data workloads. They have direct access to Cloudera when they need our expertise.

Again: great for our customers, and great for both of us.

A year ago, Cloudera introduced the notion of an enterprise data hub. Ours is built on Apache Hadoop, extended with new 100% open source capabilities for processing and analysis: automatic document indexing and search, streaming and low-latency analysis using Apache Spark, SQL support by way of Impala, and more. We added enterprise-grade management services in Cloudera Manager, and industry-leading data governance and lineage capabilities in Cloudera Navigator. We built the only compliance-ready Hadoop-based platform by adding advanced encryption with Intel, and key management infrastructure, this year.

Our enterprise data hub is “enterprise” because it’s secure, managed, governed. It’s a “hub” because it connects to the rest of your data management infrastructure and applications, and to your users.

Teradata’s message has been remarkably similar. It talks about a Universal Data Architecture built on the world-class Teradata enterprise data warehouse. The UDA is “universal” because it integrates with established and new systems that allow you to explore, analyze and understand your data in new ways.

Together, we deliver a powerful new platform, able to handle the mission-critical business workloads of today, and designed for the flood of data confronting enterprises in the future. The complementary capabilities of Teradata and Cloudera mean our joint customers can do more things with more data than ever before. Our newly-established commercial partnership means that customers can deploy our products with confidence, secure in the knowledge that we are working together to make them successful.

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