Hear from eBay, LiveRamp, Comcast, and OCLC at Cloudera Sessions

We’re kicking off the second leg of our Cloudera Sessions roadshow this week, starting in San Francisco on Wednesday and Philadelphia on Friday. The spring series of the Cloudera Sessions was a big hit, which is why we’re back with a new and improved agenda for the fall, to offer even more options that will help attendees — ranging from developers to line-of-business managers and executives — navigate the Big Data journey. The expanded fall series agenda includes an application development lab (based on CDK) that coincides with the general session throughout the morning, and two tracks for clinics after lunch.

One portion of the general session that was a big hit throughout the spring series and that will return this fall is the Fireside Chat, during which the Cloudera executive host sits with one or two customers to talk about their “real life” experiences and lessons learned with Apache Hadoop. The Fireside Chat gives local customers an opportunity to showcase the work they’re doing, and allows attendees to hear from real users what worked, what didn’t, how they got started with Hadoop, and best practices learned along the way.

The Cloudera Sessions’ Fireside Chat in San Francisco will feature a conversation among:

As one of Cloudera’s very first customers, Jeremy brings a breadth of expertise with Hadoop to the conversation. He will talk about LiveRamp’s requirements for a large-scale infrastructure to support what it calls “data onboarding” in the marketing technology space, and how it has deployed Hadoop at the core of its data management infrastructure today. Pradeep represents another mature Hadoop user. He’ll share three core use cases for Hadoop within eBay’s search team and how it isleveraging Hadoop to meet strict SLAs and maintain a reliable, stable system with high site traffic and throughput requirements.

Then, on Friday, we’ll take the Cloudera Sessions to Philadelphia, where the Fireside Chat will feature:

Edward will discuss the infrastructure challenges faced by Comcast with their legacy infrastructures, how it is using Hadoop to complement the existing environment, and best practices learned in the deployment process. Ron, representing the worldwide library cooperative OCLC, will explain how it’s using Apache HBase and Hadoop as the system of record to support very high transaction volumes — such as check-in and check-out of library books — at a global scale.

Please feel free to comment here with questions that you’d like our guest speakers to address. We hope to see you at the Cloudera Sessions in a city near you!

Karina Babcock is Cloudera’s customer programs & marketing manager. 

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