RCR Wireless News’ Reality Check

If you follow technology transformations within the telecommunications market, chances are that you subscribe to RCR Wireless News — they publish a steady stream of content covering the full gamut of trends in devices, networking, and infrastructure. They’ve also built up a good library of resources covering big data analytics and Internet of Things, particularly as they pertain to the telco space.

Last week, RCR Wireless’ Editor-in-Chief of Telecom Software, Policy, and Wireless Carriers Dan Meyer featured a video interview on his Reality Check show with Cloudera’s very own Vijay Raja, solutions marketing lead for telecommunications. During the interview, Vijay and Dan discuss how Cloudera and an Apache Hadoop based data architecture is helping telecommunications companies modernize their infrastructure, improve customer experience, and monetize their data assets.

Check out the full interview if you’re interested in learning more, or post a comment if you’d like to arrange an in-person meeting with Vijay at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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