Recognizing Our Data Impact Award Winners

The Data 2013 Impact Awards WinnersIt’s been a couple of weeks since Strata + Hadoop World, which always leaves me with a sense of relief, reflection, satisfaction, and even a little sadness that it’s all over. I hope the other attendees found this year’s conference to be educational, productive, super busy and — last but not least — really fun. I know I did.

I always particularly enjoy the in-person conversations I get to have with customers that I’ve been emailing and talking with over the phone for several months, or reconnecting with those that I’ve had the opportunity to meet in the past. It’s fascinating to learn from customers about what they’re doing with Hadoop, what their goals are, and how Cloudera’s latest announcement(s) jive with their plans. At this year’s conference, I was pleased to hear from so many customers that their visions for Big Data and implementation strategies for the Cloudera platform seem to align very much with our notion of the “Enterprise Data Hub”.

But the best part, for me, had to be the Data Impact Awards celebration, where about 120 customers and Cloudera execs got together for networking, drinks, and dinner before revealing the winners of this year’s inaugural Data Impact Awards program. We launched the program a few months ago to recognize achievements of CDH users across five categories:

  • Business Impact

  • Integration with Existing IT

  • Pervasive User Adoption

  • Community Contributions

  • Social Impact

After dinner and a thoughtful welcome address from Mike Olson, our co-founder and chief strategy officer, he welcomed Cloudera’s recently appointed chief executive officer Tom Reilly up to the podium to announce this year’s winners.


And here they are:

  • AMD, or Advanced Micro Devices, won the Business Impact award for driving orders of magnitude faster processing performance improvement with their CDH platform. Hadoop allows AMD to store more data, requiring less support, and delivers significant cost savings for the company. And they’ve reduced query run times by 300% from the previous system.


Here’s a great shot of Mark Monroe, AMD’s database and applications manager, describing their CDH-powered solution on stage.

  • MasterCard won the award for Integration with Existing IT, having integrated CDH with 10 different systems across the company’s IT ecosystem to augment the EDW and to serve as the data management platform for Truaxis, a recent MasterCard acquisition that provides loyalty rewards and personalized statement solutions.



Craig Hibbeler leads Big Data engineering efforts at MasterCard and did the honors of joining Tom Reilly on stage to accept the award.

  • The Allstate Corporation earned the Pervasive User Adoption award by training 110 of its employees to use Hadoop, identifying power users who would guide the rest of the organization on this new system, and encouraging adoption of the platform through tools like Hive and Pig.


Mark Slusar, Allstate’s quantitative research and analytics fellow, joined us on Monday and accepted his award.

  • Gravity, a company whose mission is to personalize the web through interest graphs, won the award for Community Contribution, due to the open source HPaste library their team wrote which allows Scala engineers to work natively in HBase.


We were glad to have Joe Pfeiffer, Gravity’s director of product, join us on Monday.

  • And last but not least, we have the Social Impact award winner and long-time Cloudera customer, Explorys. Explorys, the leader in big data-driven healthcare analytics, has built the world’s largest clinical data set for reporting, business intelligence, population management, disease prevention and evidence-based treatments on Hadoop. The insight provided by Explorys’ platform allowed one healthcare provider, the largest health system in Ohio, to see significant improvements in quality measures relating to cancer screenings, pneumonia vaccinations, tobacco cessation, and diabetes control after just one year.


Explorys’ team lead Rob Shields proudly accepted his award from Tom on Monday.

Here’s one last photo — a group shot of our winners with Mike Olson and Tom Reilly at the end of the evening.Data-Impact_311_Winners

Congrats to all of our winners! Also, thanks again to our panel of judges who reviewed, evaluated, and elected all of our winners:

  • Merv Adrian, Gartner

  • Matt Aslett, 451 Research

  • Tony Baer, Ovum

  • Bob Gourley,

  • James Governor, Redmonk

  • Hilary Mason, Accel

  • Vance McCarthy, Integration Developer News

  • Joe McKendrick, independent analyst

  • Ron Powell, BeyeNETWORK

Stay tuned for information on the 2014 Data Impact Awards!

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