Cloudera Altus is Now Available on Azure

It was exactly one year ago at Strata London that we introduced the world to Cloudera Altus Data Engineering. The premise was simple: make it quicker and easier for customers to drive data to their machine learning and analytics services by leveraging cloud resources, while at the same time, eliminating the pain associated with managing datacenter or cloud infrastructure.


We believed that if you empowered data engineers, data scientists, and analysts with self-service tools and access to unlimited data and compute, your organization can accomplish truly great things. That is what we introduced to AWS users last May – Altus Data Engineering (on AWS).

Fast forward 12 months and that promise still holds true, and in that time, the Altus platform has matured significantly. Cloudera Altus Data Engineering is now widely available on Microsoft Azure in addition to AWS, providing customers an unprecedented choice in how and where they deploy and run their ETL pipelines.

“Azure customers are adopting machine learning and artificial intelligence projects at a rapid pace,” said John ‘J.G.’ Churapura, general manager of Data Platform marketing, Microsoft Azure. “Cloudera Altus Data Engineering makes it easier and quicker for users to establish and run data processing pipelines that support these mission-critical workloads.”

“Our customers are focused on developing and delivering high-value use cases that deliver unique customer insights, enable machine to machine communications, keep their business safe, and reduce risk,” said Vikram Makhija, general manager of Cloudera’s Cloud Business Unit. “Cloudera Altus Data Engineering provides our customers with a simple, enterprise-grade cloud platform for deploying the pipelines that support these activities.”

Today users can store their data in Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) or Amazon S3, create Cloudera clusters on-demand, run jobs in either or both environments from a single integrated console, and terminate their clusters upon completion. This is the value of a multi-cloud Platform-as-a-Service.

But Altus is more than a multi-cloud Data Engineering cloud service. Altus is now multi-cloud and multi-function. We are excited to announce that Cloudera Altus Analytic DB – a cloud data warehouse – is now available to beta customers on Azure in addition to AWS. This also enables Cloudera Altus SDX, our shared data experience, to now be available to Azure users. Cloudera SDX on Altus gives users the tools to explore and analyze data in a transient cloud environment while ensuring that governance and security policies and definitions remain with the data even after cluster termination. In short, SDX enables Altus Data Engineering and Altus Analytic DB to function as an integrated, secure, multi-cloud, multi-function PaaS.

We encourage you to check out Cloudera Altus, now available on Azure. See the difference for yourself. Click here to register for a free 30-day trial of Cloudera Altus Data Engineering.


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